52 Questions to Ask Your Agent Over Coffee Booklet

Structure your 1:1s
(fueled by coffee and conversation)

Did you know managers control 70% of the factors that determine how engaged their employees are?

Good managers know that better contact center performance happens when you offer feedback, develop agents, and build positive relationships with those on your team.

But how do you develop these intentional relationships?

Hold regular 1:1s (fueled by coffee and conversation) with each of your agents. Meaningful 1:1s build agent confidence and help you tailor coaching to your agent’s unique learning style.

To jumpstart your conversations, we’ve developed a guide with 52 intentional questions for you (or your supervisors) to ask agents to grow relatedness and connection in 1:1s.

In this guide you’ll learn:
  • How to lead a 1:1 to learn what’s important to your agents (at work and home)
  • 52 questions to ask your agents about their careers, lives, and motivators
  • Four themes to focus your questions for deeper insight into agent well-being
  • What kind of environment to create in 1:1s for openness and transparency