Did you know that CSAT scores across industries have flatlined for over two decades? That’s because today’s customer service agents spend too much time struggling to provide really great experiences with every interaction. With Sharpen, you’ll transform the way your clients interact with agent-first methodologies and technologies that can finally push the the flat CSAT line higher and create a better customer experience.

Why Customers Choose Sharpen’s Agent-First Approach:

  • Omnichannel with a unified agent interface;
  • Streamlined processes that add bot-driven coaching, inline training, and customizable reporting & dashboards;
  • All-inclusive (and transparent) pricing;
  • Lifetime support from a dedicated client success manager.

What Sharpen Brings You:

  • We believe your consultative approach is a perfect way to help customers realize the value of agent-first;
  • Access to specialized training, enablement, and support for our agent-first contact center methodology;
  • Modern tools and new ways to help your customers find real ROI

Introduce yourself and let’s get started!

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